A strong community


It is not possible to do everything oneself. Partnerships are an essential part of our strategy. Interconnected partnerships with shared values create communities.  We are proud of our relationships with both individuals and organisations. Together these collective efforts do make a difference in reducing and treating preventable blindness. We value our relationships with:

  • St Thomas’s Hospital.
  • Pembroke College, Cambridge.
  • The David Apple Laboratory, University of Heidelberg.
  • Nepal Netra Jyoti Sangh, Nepal.
  • Kirtipur Hospital.
  • Dhulikhel Hospital.
  • Tilganga Ophthalmic Centre, Kathmandu in conjunction with the Fred Hollows Foundation.
  • Roar Image Ltd.
  • The ODL Agency.


Ridley was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society


Ridley received the Gullstrand Medal named after the famous Swedish ophthalmic surgeon Allvar Gullstrand.


He received the Gonin Medal named after the renowned Swiss retinal surgeon Jules Gonin.


honoured in a special anniversary session as one of the most outstanding and influential ophthalmologists of the 20th century


The invention of the Intraocular lens - possibly represents one of the pioneering examples of modern bio-engineering.